DailyVu Hospitality Financial Services

 Features Overview


Web based service - password protected access (cannot return to bookmarked pages)
   • Single Property Std User or Network-wide Administrator User Access Modes
   • Daily account Backups of User Data & Application Source Code
   • Customer Tailored Website Appearance and Domain Address
Daily Financials Features
   • Daily Journal Entries and  Reports  for:
Revenue Credit / Cash Occupancy Maid
Cover Counts Ledger Balances Comp Rooms Paid Outs
   • Daily logs tailored for Full, Limited, and Restaurant Service
   • Daily Balance Verification Pass Check - ( each day's data locked upon Verification)
   • M-T-D,   B-M-T-D,   &   L-M-T-D   Data Comparisons
   • MonthlyRevenue Recap, Deposits Recap, & Tax Recap Charts
Accounts Payables Features
   • Online Voucher EntryForm - selectable property vendor and account codes.
   • Online Batch Submittals.
   • Voucher Inquiry Listings - sorted by batch number, vendor, or account code.
   • Interface file generated for input to Solomon.