People are Talking:
All the work was done up front..  The system was installed quickly - right out of the box

We listen to Our Customers:
With over 18 years of serving hotel customers, we have learned what is important in a hotel accounting system.  That is how it all got into the box that we offer you.


" Miller Baird has combined years of hospitality financial experience with a knowledge of the latest technology to develop a set of financial tools that allow management to increase profitability of their properties."

Kurt Bradley
Bradley Consulting Group, Inc.

" Of all the accounting solutions we work with, there is no other company that matches the completeness of Hospitality Financial Advisors.  Their concept is brilliant.  Take an industry-standard chart of accounts, and design all of the financial reports around it to minimize expensive ramp up costs.  It literally is Hotel Accounting in a box."

Joe Sullivan
UniFocus, LP

" Access to accurate and timely information is critical to providing top quality guest services, especially in today's economic climate.  Hospitality Financial Advisors has worked closely with us to achieve this goal.  Their financial reporting package enables us to maximize our hotels' profitability, as well as provide meaningful financial information to our investors."

Kevin J. Robert, CHA
Chief Executive Officer
Pyramid Hospitality & Development, LLC

"Hospitality Financial Advisors installed Solomon IV for us 2 years ago and have been supporting it since. We chose Solomon because it offers much more information than any other "canned" system available; and we chose HFA because of their outstanding reputation. HFA were able to customize there ports to give me the information I wanted, in the format I wanted it in. My investors were also very pleased with the financials since they were much easier to read. As the CFO, I have an obligation to provide my company and it's shareholders with accurate and timely financial data in the format they want. Other programs generate financials that someone else thinks I want;Solomon generates financials that I know I want. Miller and HFA have worked closely with us since day 1, ensuring that we had a smooth transition to Solomon. HFA's customer support has been very prompt in responding to any questions that we have and have even offered some general accounting assistance to our bookkeepers. I highly recommend Miller and HFA to any company considering purchasing a new accounting system."

Sanjay S. Patel, Atty, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Hospitality Group, Inc.

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